20% said they would wait one month, while 17% said they would wait for five months. 9% of those who responded stated they could wait an entire year before a price cut. 12% said they would never lower the price of their home. Each region, location, and style of home will respond differently to listing changes.

Underwriter denies loan days before closing what can i do?????/ Asked by kperez, Brea, CA Tue May 1, 2012. I am in the midst of my first home purchase, was pre-approved through our lender and now we are already late and had a extension for our close date and my lo is telling me that my loan will not be approved by the underwriter.

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REALTOR Steve Ostrom discusses new home purchase and the items to consider for purchase and which upgrades you might want to hold off on. and there are many variables to consider for how you.

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These people upgraded their homes to prepare to sell, and then wished they’d made the changes long ago.. Home sellers share 9 upgrades they wish they’d done sooner. "Why didn’t I do.

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Home Sellers Spill: ‘The Home Upgrade I Wish I’d Done Sooner’ By. "Why didn’t I do that sooner?". we decided to ask fellow homeowners what little inconvenience they had put up with for.

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Looking to make a big splash in improving the looks of your home, but don’t have much cash.. share. home improvement: 10 cheap upgrades.. What buyers see when they first drive by your home. We wish we’d done them earlier, but we’re still glad we did – it absolutely was a selling point for the buyer and made for a quick listing."