The tech industries in China and the US have been inextricably linked. Almost all iPhones are made in China.

"My ‘Pain Trade’ monitor is going bonkers today, +4.9% and now +7.3% in the past two days, which aligns with [a] broad ‘reversal of QTD losers/winners on a clear ‘Gross-Down’ flow", McElligott said.

Scott Morrison will warn of the danger of any further escalation in US-China tensions and declare Australia won't let its relations with China be.

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Golden Moon already saw an effect when then-candidate Donald Trump made trade an issue during the 2016 campaign. trade pain: US Small Companies Hit by Import, Export Tariffs | Voice of America.

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The quick resolution of the U.S. – Mexico trade dispute may mean that the full- blown trade war between Washington and Beijing is about to get.

WASHINGTON, July 24 (Reuters) – The Trump administration was set to announce billions of dollars in aid for U.S. farmers on Tuesday to help.

Sen. Lindsey Graham acknowledged on Sunday that Americans would have to "accept the pain" caused by the Trump administration’s trade war with China, but argued the U.S. maintains the advantage.

Trump on Friday promised a 5-percentage-point increase on all existing and planned Chinese tariffs and then "ordered" U.S.

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The long U.S.-China trade war is about to hit another mile marker. New tariffs, announced in May on $200 billion worth of imports from China,

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